Made in France, Loved in South Africa
From the chic shores of the French Riviera comes a deliciously bubbly, fresh and fruity, sparkling wine cocktail. Ice Tropez is made from premium rosé wine, blended with the fragrant flavours of peach and infused with carbonated water. Available in 275 ml glass bottle and 250 ml cans.
Ice Tropez contains 6.5% alcohol. Ice Tropez 0% contains 0% alcohol.



It's summer in a bottle
Salitos brings Latin America's zest for life to South Africa, with this tequila and lime flavoured beer. It's a classic bottom-fermented premium lager that is refreshingly different. Salitos is mild, fresh and it's sold in more than 56 countries all around the globe. Available in a 330 ml bottle.
Salitos contains 5.9% alcohol.



Colour your party with Trojka.
Trojka is a family of alcohol drinks that include vodka and vodka-based liqueurs. Made in one of Europe's most modern distilleries. Trojka is triple distilled from high-quality grain, reduced with premium quality water and filtered twelvefold. It is available in a variety of flavours.
Trojka contains 40% alcohol. Trojka Vodka Liqueur contains 17% alcohol.